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Statement on AB 3089 (Reparations - Apology Bill)

For immediate release:

“California moves one step closer to having a formal apology for its role in allowing Jim Crow racists laws as a part of its history of oppression towards the African American community.

AB 3089 represents the first effort to heal and accept the wrongs of our state’s past. Knowing that laws aimed at suppressing the economic, academic, civil, and human rights of a specific community were purposeful, and effective, we can now work to ensure equitable measurers are put forth to quash the effects of those former laws.

I am grateful to the members of the appropriations committee for their due diligence and recognition of the importance of AB 3089.”

AB 3089 moved out of the Assembly’s Appropriations Committee on an 11-0 vote and now heads to the Assembly Floor for a full vote.