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Legislation 2013

AB 392 – Efficiencies in State Government

Requires the Controller to determine the most cost-effective allocation method if $1,000 or less is appropriated for a program and would eliminate a duplicative reporting requirement.

AB 410 - Firefighters Retirement Health Benefits

Allows retired firefighters to reinstate employment without permanently losing retiree health care benefits.

AB 436 – Inverse Condemnation

Expressly makes applicable the doctrine of comparative fault to litigation between a plaintiff property owner and a defendant governmental agency in inverse condemnation actions. In addition the bill would also expressly ensure that CCP Section 998 applies to governmental agencies in inverse actions in a fair and equitable manner consistent with the original purpose of the statute.

AB 450 – Direct Electoral Representation

Requires the governing board of the Los Angeles Community College District to establish trustee districts and that trustee board members then be elected by those districts.

AB 549 - Campus Safety/ Campus Mental Health

Requires school districts better define within their school safety plans  the role of police on campus. It will also require school and school districts to prioritize campus safety funding for intervention workers, counselors, and other supportive mental health service providers.

AB 570 – Continuation Schools: Voluntary Placement

Requires school districts to establish and adopt policies and procedures for governing the identification, placement and intake procedures for pupils who voluntarily enroll in continuation schools.

AB 648 – Court Reporters

Establishes the requirement of a fee of $30 for each proceeding that lasts one hour or less in a civil action or case to offset the costs of the services of official court reporters in civil proceedings.

AB 752 – Work Furloughs: County Jails

Allows individuals who were sentenced to local supervision under realignment, to be served in a Work Furlough Program if the person is deemed suitable by the Work Furlough Administrator.

AB 805 – Pre Trial Report Clarification

Allows a judge or magistrate to take into consideration information included in a report prepared in accordance with Section 1318.1.

AB 870 – The Fair Chance Employment Act

Prohibits any persons or entities that contract with the State of California, from inquiring about the criminal history of a potential employee until after the initial employment application.

AB 915 – Youth Community Incentives Act

Allocates 75% of future savings from the state’s shrinking youth correctional facilities, directly to counties in the form of a Youthful Offender Block Grant Part B, for the purpose of serving high-needs youth offenders locally.

AB 921 – Social Worker Empowerment Act

Allows social workers to be at the table when discussing improving the foster care system and contains whistleblower protection for social workers

AB 1062 – Cal HR Clean-up

Makes technical amendments to the Civil Service Act and one related Penal Code provision (regarding psychological screening of peace officers) to clarify the operating authority of CalHR as established by GRP 1 in order to support the reorganization and to permit greater efficiency and streamlining of operations now and in the future.

AB 1342 – Gaming Establishments

Creates an expedited process for applications for gambling establishments.