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South LA Stimulus

Helping Californians

Read my letter to Governor Newsom +

A multifaceted plan to address the health, education, and career outcomes of some of California’s most vulnerable citizens.

  • Recent executive orders have allowed clinics to continue serving many Latinos and African Americans suffering from pre-existing conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, but more must be done to make sure that disadvantaged communities receive the care they deserve.
    • The state must explore ways to provide aid to clinics that does not leave them in a worse position.
  • $125 million to double the existing $500 given to undocumented workers through the Disaster Relief Fund.
    • We must invest in working families.
  • $65 million to for ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) Filers, and their to access to the California EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit).
  • Support local community banks in providing emergency bridge loans and other financial assistance to small businesses in their community.
  • Funding support for schools to close the achievement gap and the digital divide to reduce learning loss during, and after COVID
    • Increase funding for special education so that those most affected by learning loss are not left further behind.
  • Increase the CTE funding for community colleges to ensure that people get the skills needed for the available jobs. 
    • $300 million ongoing funding by the state to support pathways into good-paying jobs, helping families avoid increased debt pressure.

This stimulus package is not cheap, but I am fearful that if we do not provide low-income Californians in South Los Angeles with a targeted economic stimulus, then we will have a forgotten generation which is an altogether far more expensive proposition.