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2019 - 2020 Legislation

AB 37 - Revises state law to allow cannabis businesses to deduct normal business expenses from state taxes.

AB 53 - Provides that rental property owners may not discriminate against formerly incarcerated individuals on the initial rental housing application.

AB 227 - Requires the court to find a defendants ability to pay before assessing fines for restitution, court operations and court construction.

AB 258 - Provides grants to schools for health, mental health and other supportive services using funds from Proposition 64.

AB 304 - Extends for another 5 years the authorization for law enforcement to use wiretaps in certain investigations upon showing enough evidence for a judge to deem the tap reasonable.

AB 413 - Replaces references to at-risk youth with at-promise youth in the education and penal code.

AB 484 - Removes the requirement that judges impose 180 days jail time prior to probation for possession of powder cocaine, crack, heroin and PCP.

AB 927 - Requires a court to find a defendant’s ability to pay before assessing any fines.

AB 1007 - Spot bill that will reduce the amount of time a state employer has to resolve certain work place grievances from three years to one.

AB 1091 - Extends the existing program that allows incarcerated individuals to suspend child support payments beginning 90 days after incarceration. Revises when payment begins again from the first day of the first month after incarceration to upon employment.

AB 1092 - Reduces the interest rate charged on unpaid child support debt owed to the state by families on public assistance.  Rate is currently 10% and this aligns with the federal rate of 0%.

AB 1187 - Spot bill that will provide a grace period for safe parking participants to re-register with the DMV.

AB 1219 - Updates the system that catalogues teachers teaching a subject different from their credential.  Also requires charters to participate.

AB 1261 - Eliminates the requirement that law enforcement maintain a narcotics registry.

AB 1291 - Defines the reasonable time for cannabis businesses to meet their labor obligations at 60 days after they meet the threshold of 20 employees.

AB 1325 - Spot bill that will allow participants in a safe parking program to count participation towards community services for any outstanding fines.

AB 1454 - Spot bill that will set parameters on the type of individuals that are eligible to provide mental health services to EMTs following proposition 11 from last year.

AB 1525 - Creates a state safe haven from prosecution for banking cannabis businesses and requires licensing agencies to share track and trace data, allowing banks to meet their reporting obligations.

AB 1569 - Spot bill that will aid veterans in accessing discount medical cannabis.

AB 1618 - Removes the requirement that judges suspend driving privileges for individuals convicted of certain low-level graffiti crimes.

AB 1687 - Provides oversight of CDCR Rehabilitation Programs.

AB 1709 - Reduces the training requirements and other barriers to individuals entering the certified nurse assistant workforce.

AB 1754 - Creates a public safety command to coordinate inter-agency in advance of the 2028 Olympics and administer state and federal funding.

AB 1761 - Updates the existing requirements for schools to monitor facilities, instructional material and teacher misassignment but replacing reference to the Academic Performance Index with the new federal tool for ranking school.