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Statement on GOP Candidate for President, Nikki Haley’s Failed Civil War Comments

For immediate release:

I am appalled by the inability of a GOP candidate for President to answer a straightforward question about the Civil War.

The question: What was the cause of the Civil War?

Nikki Haley, the former Governor of South Carolina, the first State to succeed from the union at the start of the Civil War because of its views on slavery, skirted the issue of slavery and offered a random and incoherent rambling on how government worked at the time.

Avoiding facts as a public figure is irresponsible and avoiding the issue of slavery and its lasting effects on African Americans is insulting.

For many conservatives, slavery is a distant issue – a moot point as illustrated by Haley. It is a matter they want to move away from because they feel that the U.S. has moved on, and time has absolved the nation of its lack of impartiality towards the Black community. Or what everyone else calls slavery.

I would remind Mrs. Haley that slave laws remain in the books in many jurisdictions across our nation and that the movement for reparations in America has momentum because of the lingering effects of slavery – there remains current and ongoing subjugation in our nation and pretending it does not exist or it never happened is ludicrous. 

The Civil War battles may have ended, but Civil Rights battles continue to this day.