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Updates on Retail Crime and Prop 47

For immediate release:


I want to provide an update on my work in combating organized retail theft (ORT) and my request to have an independent, nonpartisan review by the Little Hoover Commission (LHC) on ORTs and crimes in general.

My Work

My bills, AB 1065, AB 331 and AB 2294, created the California Highway Patrol (CHP)’s ORT Task Force and provided funding and other resources to help the task force investigate organized retail theft. Just recently, a CHP-led unit recovered $5 million in merchandise while making several arrests as well. My latest bill, AB 1802, will allow the task force to continue its work permanently.

Little Hoover Commission

To date the commission has held three hearings; the latest being on January 25 where committee members heard expert testimony as part of the investigation. Here is some of what experts have noted during their testimony:

Prop 47

  • Reclassified six low-level offenses from felonies to misdemeanors.
  • Did NOT decriminalize or legalize any criminal acts.
  • Misdemeanors remain punishable by county jail, probation, and fines.
  • Did NOT increase loss threshold from $400 to $950.
  • California has one of the lowest thresholds (at $950) in the nation, compared to states like Texas whose loss threshold is $2,000.

What has happened under Prop 47?

  • Thousands of Californians have had the opportunity to regain their lives by having felonies expunged from their records giving them an opportunity to live life without the burden of the nearly 4,000 legislative imposed restrictions attached to a felony conviction.
  • Prison overcrowding has been reduced and cost savings have been allocated to programs such as:
    • Violence prevention
    • Trauma recovery centers for victims
    • Mental health programs
    • Substance abuse disorder treatment
    • Behavioral health programs
    • Homelessness programs

I invite you to read the commission’s written statements on Prop 47 and review my legislation related to combating organized retail thefts.

As always, my office is here to help with state matters. Please call (213) 744-2111 for assistance.



Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer
Representative, 57th Assembly District