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Statement on the Announcement of Reparations Legislation

For immediate release:

"As a result of the historic study by the California Reparations Task Force on the negative impacts of Jim Crow-styled laws brought to California, the California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) has introduced its first set of bills based upon the recommendations set forth in the Task Force’s final report.

We will endeavor to right the wrongs committed against black communities through laws and policies designed to restrict and alienate African Americans.

These harms are found in education, access to homeownership, and to capital for small business startups, all of which contributed to the denial of generational wealth over hundreds of years.

As a member of the Reparations Taskforce, I am proud of the two-year study that resulted in two separate reports totaling over 1,600 pages.

These reports contain the most comprehensive empirical data and historical evidence ever collected on the issue of chattel slavery. There is no doubt about the far-reaching negative impacts of bigoted laws born from the end of slavery in our country.

Hundreds of legislative and budgetary reparatory recommendations were made within the final report and I, along with the members of the CLBC, look forward to working with our legislative colleagues to achieve true reparations and justice for all black Californians."