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Statement on the Passage of SJR 7 – The Right to Safety Resolution

For immediate release:

Mass shootings continue to terrorize communities across our country. Whether at a bar, a school, or a dollar store, gun violence has taken too many American lives.

Today, California took the first step in saying enough is enough and the State’s Senate Public Safety Committee voted to pass Senate Joint Resolution 7 – The Right to Safety Act. This is not a symbolic gesture; this is a push to have a real national conversation on the issue of gun violence in America and do something about these near daily horrific acts.

A constitutional convention is needed to push back against an activist Supreme Court. Poll after poll shows a majority of Americans want action taken to have gun safety laws in place. A Right to Safety Amendment to the U.S. Constitution will do exactly that without impeding on the Second Amendment.

The momentum created by SJR 7 continues to build and California looks forward to working with other state legislatures to arrive at the 34 states needed to convene a convention and protect innocent American lives from continued senseless gun violence.