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Bill Package Moves to Senate

For immediate release:


I am pleased to announce that 10 of my bills have been approved by the Assembly and now head to the State Senate for discussion and voting.

I am thankful to my colleagues in the Assembly for their overwhelming support of these bills and their recognition of the importance that each policy has to our state.

Full votes on each bill are below. My bills take on a range of issues including public safety, consumer safety, and youth investment.

AB 86 – Creation of a Statewide Homelessness Coordinator (Vote 79-0 with bipartisan support)

AB 391 – Anti-Harassment in Reporting (Vote 78-0 with bipartisan support)

AB 574 – Firearms Reporting Act (Vote 58-13)

AB 912 – SAFE Act taking $250 million in prison closure savings and reinvesting into youth and crime prevention programs (Vote 77-0 with bipartisan support)

AB 1610 – Cannabis Testing (Vote 80-0 with unanimous support)

Additional bills include:

AB 353 – Prison Shower Access (Vote 80-0 with unanimous support)

AB 1016 – Pest Control Applicators/Drones (Vote 72-0 with bipartisan support)

AB 1137 – Excluded Employees (Vote 67-8 with bipartisan support)

AB 1565 – Cannabis Local Equity Program Grants (Vote 74-0 with bipartisan support)

AB 1734 – Surplus Land Act Exemption (Vote 79-1 with bipartisan support) 

If you have any questions related to any of my bills, please visit my website or contact my office at (213) 744-2111. And don’t forget to follow me on social media for updates and news.


Assemblymember Reggie Jones Sawyer 
Representative, 57th Assembly District
Chair, Public Safety Committee
Member, California Reparations Task Force