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Statement on CA Budget

Public Safety Chair’s Statement on Governor Newsom’s May Revise Presentation

For immediate release:

Sacramento, California (May 12, 2023) –Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer (D-South Los Angeles) issued the following statement regarding the Governor’s revised budget proposal:

“During a time of budget shortfalls, I applaud the Governor’s commitment to keep critical public safety funding. As the Chair of the Assembly’s Public Safety Committee, my objective remains to advance sensible initiatives that improve public safety.

The revised plan reminds us that the closure of four state prisons will result in over $400 million in ongoing savings. 

This is the culmination of the work that begun when I first started in the Legislature as the Chair of the Public Safety Budget Subcommittee. These savings further align with my work, as I champion my new bill, AB 912, the SAFE Act, to capture the savings and reinvest them into programs that reduce violence and crime, and provide critical support, including mental health, education, and vocational services. I look forward to partnering with the Governor and our Legislative Leadership to effectuate my plan to reinvest these funds into effective strategies that uplift our communities. and

I support the Governor’s trauma-informed approach of centering rehabilitation of those incarcerated in our state. The Governor’s May Revision proposal includes funding to transform San Quentin State Prison into a facility aimed at healing trauma, addressing the longlasting impacts of PTSD, and restoring justice for those harmed by violence. 

With regard to fentanyl, I will soon host a public hearing to discuss the health and public safety ramifications of this crisis and find it encouraging to see the Governor’s proposed investment of nearly $300 million into naloxone, emergency resources, and drug interdiction measures. I look forward to partnering with the Governor, my colleagues, and key stakeholders to combat this crisis and advancing comprehensive solutions to address treatment, supply and demand issues, law enforcement, and epidemiology. 

I am looking forward to discussing the revised budget proposal with the Governor, my colleagues, key stakeholders, and residents of the 57th Assembly District.”