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Statement on Governor Newsom’s Proposed State Budget

For immediate release:

The $297 Billion state budget proposed by Governor Newsom largely keeps our investments intact, which is a testament to the carefully crafted, responsible budgets of the past. The budget proposes continuing investments I championed, including rehabilitation and reentry services and increasing critical programs through an additional $1 billion for homelessness directed to cities and counties. I will work with my colleagues to advance a budget that reflects California’s values, keeps Californians safe, and allows working families to thrive all while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

From my perspective as Chair of the Assembly’s Public Safety Committee, highlights of this proposed budget include:

  • Investments in public safety, even as we must make difficult budget choices elsewhere. Most importantly the budget protects our investments in rehabilitation and reentry services to ensure individuals leaving incarceration can excel in society thereby reducing recidivism.
  • Continued investments in local public safety with no cuts to existing programs.
  • Commitment to closing prisons, building on our work to reduce crime but also our dedication to the responsible use of public funds. By closing dilapidated and expensive to maintain prisons, the State will experience savings of tax dollars that can be used to further bolster public safety.

I look forward to advancing proposals on how best to reallocate these savings in partnership with Assembly leadership and the Governor’s office.