Bounty Hunter Bill to Change Industry

FRESNO, Calif. (FOX26 NEWS) — Tuesday, FOX26 News reported on a group of bounty hunters arresting a man in Fresno. Fresno Police say the man they were after threw a hatchet at the bounty hunters, so one of them shot at him; no one was injured in that process and the man was arrested.

That happened at Latresa Hamburger’s house in a neighborhood near Shaw and West

LA Unrest 30 Years Later

For two California lawmakers, April 29, 1992 became a day that continues to impact their legislative careers three decades later.

Assemblyman Mike Gipson was a police officer and Assemblyman Reggie-Jones Sawyer was working as an emergency preparedness coordinator.

LA Civil Unrest - 30 Years Later

The video that captured the beating of Rodney King was profound in so many ways. For the very first time, the nation witnessed police brutality in a raw form as filmed, not by a member of the media, but rather from an average citizen.

And marginalized communities of color now had evidence of what we had been saying for years – law enforcement used unlawful tactics and tended to target Black males and used excessive force without cause or care of discipline.

Bounty Hunting is a Public Safety Matter

By Reggie Jones-Sawyer

Imagine you are home asleep at 2 a.m. and you hear violent banging on your front door. You see from your video security camera someone who looks like a single police officer attempting to break down that door. As you call 911 for police assistance, the individual at your front door enters your home and tries to arrest you.

Now imagine that when police arrive, they see you struggling with the person who broke into your home. The officers, believing he is a fellow officer, begin to assist him in your arrest, which ends with your being killed.

Juneteenth would become a paid holiday for California state workers under new proposal

Juneteenth could become a California state holiday under a new proposal from Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, D-Los Angeles.

Jones-Sawyer on Friday introduced the proposal, which would give state workers a 12th paid holiday. California has recognized Juneteenth as a holiday since 2003, but hasn’t given state workers the day off.

The holiday would fall on June 19, the day in 1865 when slaves in Texas learned they had been freed.

AB 331 Signed by Governor

Asm. Reggie Jones-Sawyer sponsored legislation to extend sunset date of the crime of organized retail theft

Governor Gavin Newson called up Assembly member Reginald Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles) as Newsom signed into law AB 331 to help the state apply resources to reduce crime and stop organized retail theft.

El asambleísta Jones-Sawyer insta a vacunarse

El jueves por la mañana docenas de personas esperaban en línea para hacerse la prueba del covid-19 o para recibir su vacuna en una clínica del sur de Los Ángeles.

Entre ellos estaba la señora Antonia Bernardo quien llegó con sus dos hijos, Eric y Stephanie Genaro para que se hicieran la prueba.

Organized Retail Crime Challenges

SAN FRANCISCO — A flurry of shoplifters in masks and hooded jackets sprinted from a downtown Neiman Marcus last week and into getaway cars with armfuls of designer handbags — a scene captured on video and raising fears that rings of thieves were hitting retail businesses.

The incident, which remains under investigation, was only the latest to give an impression of lawlessness running rampant in San Francisco's stores, where people have been caught on recordings openly swiping products seemingly without repercussion.