Majority Leader Ian Calderon’s Response to the Governor’s Veto of AB 1408

Monday, October 16, 2017

WHITTIER, CA - Majority Leader Ian Calderon issued the following response to the Governor’s Veto of AB 1408:

"AB 1408 was a collaborative effort between my office and all of law enforcement and the cities they serve. There has been a need for criminal justice reforms in California, but there also is room for improvement of those reforms. AB 1408 was introduced as a thoughtful response to address that need for improvement. This bill took nothing away from local probation departments, it simply added to mechanisms in place to try and limit events like the one in my district involving Whittier Officer Keith Boyer. This bill was a measured, reasoned approach to improving the way convicted criminals are monitored and supervised while out on post release community supervision (PRCS). We must continue working on this issue."