Majority Leader Calderon Statement on Passage of Cap-and-Trade Legislation

Monday, July 17, 2017

SACRAMENTO, CA – Majority Leader Ian Calderon issued the following statement today on the passage of Assembly Bills 617 and 398, landmark legislation that extends the state’s cap-and-trade program and improves air quality:
“Legislation that passed today establishes a comprehensive, statewide program with strong air quality provisions that combats pollution and helps meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals.
This package, which received bipartisan support, demonstrates our commitment to ensuring clean air for all Californians while protecting our environment and economy from the harmful effects of climate change. Californians in underserved communities—and communities most impacted by air quality problems— will receive the greatest benefit.
In a major victory for air quality and public health, the extended program requires that industrial facilities in the most polluted communities be retrofitted to current emission control standards and upgrade to cleaner, more modern technology by 2030. The agreement also adjusts air pollution penalties that haven’t changed since the 1970s, taking away a competitive advantage for bad actors that haven’t been following the law.
Additionally, these measures will increase legislative oversight by explicitly requiring additional reporting to the Joint Committee on Climate Change Policies. A new committee of independent experts will review both the economic and environmental integrity of the cap-and-trade program going forward.
I would like to thank Speaker Rendon for his leadership on this important issue and I'm proud to join my colleagues as we move forward with a balanced, cost-effective approach to improving air quality in our neighborhoods.”

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