Assembly Approves Calderon Legislation Aimed at Easing Tax Burdens on Businesses

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, AB 1085, a measure authored by Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon which would allow limited liability companies (LLC) and certain corporations to pay the minimum franchise tax over a set amount of time based on a series of payment options, was approved on the Assembly Floor with bipartisan support.

“California needs long term, permanent solutions to incentivize businesses to operate in the state,” stated Majority Leader Calderon. “AB 1085 will make it easier for businesses to operate by providing flexible payment options in order to offset high tax burdens.”

Currently, the state imposes a minimum franchise tax of $800 on LLCs for the privilege of doing business within its borders. While all businesses are exempt from the tax within their first year of operation, the annual tax can be a burden on small businesses that struggle to stay afloat due to unforeseen cash-flow issues.

AB 1085 would allow LLCs that are in their first three years of operation and make less than $250,000 in annual revenue to pay the annual tax in a series of payment options over the course of a year. The bill also allows corporations whose estimated corporate tax does not exceed the minimum franchise tax to utilize these payment options during their first three taxable years. For qualified businesses, these options include on or before the 15th of April; in equal installments due on or before the 15th of April, the 15th of August, and the 15th of December; in two equal installments, with the first installment due on or before the 15th of April, and the second installment due within 12 months of that date.

AB 1085 is supported by the California Chamber of Commerce.

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