Calderon Bill Establishing Artificial Intelligence Working Group Approved by Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Bill 1576, a measure authored by Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon which would establish a working group to analyze the use of artificial intelligence (AI), was approved by the Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee with bipartisan support today.

“It is in California’s best interest to encourage innovation of this new technology,” stated Majority Leader Calderon. “Doing so will benefit consumers, result in economic growth, and maintain California’s role as a leader in technology. We must identify risks and solutions associated in developing new products, applications, and business models that uses AI technology.”

AI has limitless applications and could potentially have unintended consequences for our society and economy. Most recently, the Boeing 787 Max 8 crash in Ethiopia has raised questions on the effectiveness of AI in the decision making role. The aviation industry is investigating the potentially faulty sensor that uses AI to determine how much the aircraft is pointing up or down. Despite the advanced technological efforts made thus far, it is necessary to examine whether this technology is ready to be utilized.

AB 1576 would instruct the California Government Operations Agency to establish a working group that would analyze the ethics and proper use of artificial intelligence. AI technology is a relatively new and emerging technology that needs to be monitored in order to boost our workforce and daily activities without stifling the economy or our labor force.  By creating a working group to examine potential uses, risks, and benefits of this technology, the Legislature will be able to utilize the working group’s finds to propose thoughtful policy solutions to tackle potential issues affecting the AI industry and California consumers.


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