Improving The Criminal Justice System

Assemblyman Calderon AB1408 video

Dear Friend,

In the wake of the tragic murder of Officer Keith Boyer - a beloved member of the Whittier community - we’ve all been left to wonder what could have been done to prevent this senseless violence. As a member of the state Legislature, I am fortunate to be in a position to channel this frustration and grief into action.

Since a federal court order to reduce California’s prison population came down in 2010, there have been several criminal justice reforms undertaken with that goal in mind. These measures have fundamentally changed the way we prosecute nonviolent, non-serious crimes in this state, where those convicted of these crimes serve their time, and by whom these felons are supervised when they are released from prison. 

I am proud to introduce AB 1408, which will set best practices for our criminal justice system in the wake of these reforms. This measure is a necessary modification to the aforementioned reforms as we balance the rights and rehabilitation of the formerly incarcerated population with the need to ensure that our communities are safe from dangerous criminals. 

We owe it to our law enforcement community to seriously consider the release and supervision of the criminals they’ve helped to lock up, especially because they are likely to be the ones encountering them in our neighborhoods.

Please visit this link and the video above to find out more about AB 1408. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office at (916) 319-2057.


Ian C. Calderon
Majority Leader
57th Assembly District