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Legislators to Work on Reparations Recommendations

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California reparations task force last week concluded two years of hard work with a 1,100-page, comprehensive report that details the harms of slavery on Black people from California, recommendations of financial compensation and the creation of myriad programs and policies to redress the historical wrongs.

Reparations Moving Forward

As California prepares to release a report that will recommend reparations for descendants of enslaved people, federal lawmakers are pursuing their own efforts to redress the effects of slavery and the generations of discrimination that has followed for Black Americans. 

Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., introduced the latest federal effort to support reparations last month with H.R. 414, the Reparations Now Resolution, which seeks to advance reparations at the federal, state and local levels. 

AB 86 Tackles Homelessness

California’s approach to homelessness is often criticized as fragmented and disconnected, with various agencies getting huge amounts of funding but not coordinating with each other.

That criticism even comes from within.

Bill Package Moves to Senate


I am pleased to announce that 10 of my bills have been approved by the Assembly and now head to the State Senate for discussion and voting.

I am thankful to my colleagues in the Assembly for their overwhelming support of these bills and their recognition of the importance that each policy has to our state.